Extreme Pictures
Teamwork Teamwork proved to be costly for these mice.
Tags: teamwork
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Cigarette Butts One big pile of nasty cigarette butts.
Tags: cigarette butts
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Fat Cat This is what happens if you feed your cat too much.
Tags: fat cat
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Car In A Van How the hell did they manage to get that car into a van?
Tags: car van
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Military Discipline This is how soldiers in China stand in attention at all times.
Tags: military discipline
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Faces Of Meth These photos were released by Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office to demonstrate the devastating effects of meth.
Tags: faces meth gallery
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Traffic Jam Huge traffic jam picture, no one is going anywhere in this congestion.
Tags: traffic jam
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Bridge Support Extremely unsafe bridge support built out of bricks and concrete blocks.
Tags: bridge support
Views: 28759
Dangerous Landing People having to duck their heads to avoid colision with a small aircraft landing on a dangerous landing strip.
Tags: dangerous landing
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Crowd Surfing In Wheelchair Crowd surfing in a wheelchair during heavy metal concert.
Tags: crowd surfing wheelchair
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