Weird Pictures
Superhero I'm afraid to ask the name of this superhero.
Tags: superhero
Views: 29848
Big Baby
Tags: baby
Views: 30186
Weird Dude Going like this in public takes special kind of weird.
Tags: weird dude
Views: 31326
Bodybuilder Dog Believe it or not, this dog is real. The reason it is all jacked up is due to a genetic disorder.
Tags: bodybuilder dog
Views: 92405
Umbrella Invention Umbrella like this one will keep you 100% dry, it might be difficult to close it but who cares about that.
Tags: umbrella invention
Views: 30151
Longest Tongue German schoolgirl Annika Irmler has the longest tongue in the world. With the length of 7cm (2.75 inch) she got into the Guinness Book of Records.
Tags: longest tongue
Views: 39687
Piercing Freak Me thinks this guy overdid it with piercings and tattoos on his face.
Tags: piercing freak
Views: 65795
Deer Ass Remover WTF is this?!
Tags: deer ass remover
Views: 33944
Stilts OK, wtf?
Tags: stilts
Views: 20768
Reptile Man Inspired by The Lizard from Spider-man comics, this man decided to turn himself into a reptile.
Tags: reptile man
Views: 30934
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