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Wasted Puppy Puppy with a bottle in his paw and a cigarette in his mouth.
Tags: dogs drunk
Views: 10121
Heated Bike Seat With this brand new invention, your butt will never be cold again.
Tags: inventions
Views: 8600
Funny Face It's crazy what this guy can do with his face.
Tags: face
Views: 30063
Work Safely Placing a metal ladders in the pool while working with electrical appliance is not a good idea.
Tags: work
Views: 10186
Drunk Guy Prank Be careful who you drink with, or else you might end up like this guy.
Tags: drunk
Views: 71675
Not Gay If your license plate starts with "GAY" there's really no other option than to place a "I'M NOT" sticker in front of it and set things right.
Tags: cars
Views: 11460
Monkey With Funny Hair Style Baby monkey with electrified hair style.
Tags: monkey
Views: 37946
Mobile Phone With Camera This is how it all started.
Tags: inventions
Views: 10772
Color Your Sister Look what she did to her sister with a magic marker.
Tags: kids
Views: 10726
Cheating Lizard Blending with the environment, pretty useful ability for adultery.
Tags: cartoon
Views: 10832
Umbrella Roof A convertible with an umbrella for roof.
Tags: cars
Views: 11704
Funny Snowman Snowman with a sign "I'll be dead soon" next to him.
Tags: snowman
Views: 563623
Woman Driver Picture of a car with a gas pump hose sticking out of the tank.
Tags: cars women
Views: 16687
Burried In Snow Why would they dig the car out of the snow? It's not like they'll be going anywhere with it.
Tags: snow
Views: 11645
Gallows With Wheelchair Ramp
Tags: cartoon
Views: 13439
Belt Buckel Belt buckel with instructions for use.
Tags: belt
Views: 11150
True Gentleman This gentleman is walking with a beer in one hand and umbrella in the other while his wife carries six cases of beer.
Tags: gentleman
Views: 13322
Dont Need Men With this new invention, you'll never be alone at night.
Tags: inventions
Views: 12911
Bicycle Path Extremely narrow bicycle path that borders with water.
Tags: bicycle
Views: 10077
Laser Speed Gun A cop measuring speed of a donkey with a speed gun.
Tags: police
Views: 10526
Mercedes Logo Mercedes logo with a thong in the middle.
Tags: mercedes cars
Views: 25248
Home Alone ... with Michal Jackson.
Tags: home
Views: 15877
Lip Ring Fish with a new lip ring.
Tags: cartoon
Views: 11738
No Swimming Sign No swimming in this area sign with no water in sight.
Tags: signs
Views: 10967
Cubicle Curtain With a curtain like this you can go and have some fun while your boss thinks you're working.
Tags: cubicle
Views: 11511
Crazy Haircut Back of the head shaved to make it look like a face with sun glasses and beard.
Tags: haircut
Views: 15728
Dirty Snowman Man driving his pickup around with a giant penis made of snow in the back.
Tags: snowman
Views: 29221
Hanged Snowman Picture of snowman with a noose around his neck.
Tags: snowman
Views: 13874
KFC Hillary Special KFC is having a Hillary Clinton special today: 2 fat thighs with small breast and a left wing.
Tags: kfc hillary
Views: 13802
Pit Bull Protected Protected by a Pit Bull with AIDS.
Tags: signs dogs
Views: 15051
Graffiti Removal Service This one is hilarious, graffiti removal hotline advertisement got vandalized with a graffiti.
Tags: graffiti ads
Views: 12442
Wrong And Right Way Ladies do not climb ladders without a male colleague for support. The picture below shows the right and wrong way (note that these instructions are only valid if you are wearing a skirt).
Tags: cartoon ladies
Views: 16859
Say And Write So you don't spell duck with an F?
Tags: duck
Views: 54864
Dutch Football Fans Dutch football fans with funny face masks during the World Cup.
Tags: dutch football fans
Views: 30151
Convertible Shool Bus Bring the kids to school with style.
Tags: school bus
Views: 15316
Beijing 2008 Logo This is how the designers came up with the logo for 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.
Tags: beijing 2008 logo olympics
Views: 153413
Forbidden Sign Picture of a huge sign with forbidden stuff on it.
Tags: forbidden sign
Views: 14235
Bra Sizes Bra sizes cartoon explaining why bras are lettered with A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, G, and H.
Tags: bra sizes cartoon
Views: 34357
Swimming Pool Sign Swimming pool sign with a gian "No swimming" sign below it.
Tags: swimming pool sign
Views: 12544
Carved Orange Picture of a awesomely carved orange in a shape of a little man with a big thingy.
Tags: carved orange
Views: 11523
Pirates Knocked Up Shrek Either someone made a mistake, or someone had a little fun with letters. Either way, the result was funny.
Tags: pirates knocked shrek
Views: 14878
Funny Traffic Lights What happens when disgruntled worker has his revenge? Well, you get funny traffic lights with shapes of people taking a dump or taking a leak.
Tags: traffic lights gallery
Views: 25906
No Service "We waited 30 min, no service" written with ketchup on the table in the diner.
Tags: no service
Views: 11163
Funny Honda Ad Very funny ad for Honda hybrid with 0% CO2 emissions.
Tags: honda ad
Views: 20635
Photographers It's better to shoot with a camera than with a gun.
Tags: photographers
Views: 11866
Cool Eyeglasses Ads Cool advertisement for eyeglasses showing us the perception of the same person with or without glasses.
Tags: eyeglasses ads
Views: 27001
Fook Yue Fook Yue, a seafood restaurant with a slightly inappropriate name.
Tags: fook yue
Views: 8780
No Dogs Funny picture of a dog with ripped out "no dogs" sign in his mouth.
Tags: no dogs sign
Views: 9283
Alley Traffic Light Very narrow alley with working traffic lights on each end.
Tags: alley traffic light gallery
Views: 14256
Windshield Cover Funny windshield cover with two people caught making out on it.
Tags: windshield cover
Views: 15785
Russian Bread Russian bread with a bottle of vodka hidden in it.
Tags: russian bread
Views: 12469
Playing God This must be how God plays with radio controlled cars.
Tags: playing god cartoon
Views: 24511
Austrian Village Austrian village with an interesting name, the sign bellow the town name saying "please not so fast" makes it even funnier.
Tags: austrian village
Views: 12437
Cheating Girlfriend Cheating girlfriend holding hands with another man behind her boyfriend's back.
Tags: cheating girlfriend
Views: 68345
Locked Car Car locked to a pole with a chain.
Tags: locked car
Views: 12259
Buffering Paper with buffering written on it placed over RealPlayer logo on the building of Real Networks.
Tags: buffering
Views: 13592
Burger King Ad Burger King advertising their real big burgers with this funny ad.
Tags: burger king ad
Views: 16753
Comedy "Not a minute without comedy" advertisement for Comedy Central.
Tags: comedy
Views: 15494
With Stupid Funny guy holding "I'm with stupid" sign.
Tags: with stupid
Views: 15970
Coca Cola Truck Transporting chemical toilets with Coca Cola truck? Not very sanitary.
Tags: coca cola truck
Views: 14991
Giraffe And Donkey Giraffe trying to have sex with a donkey.
Tags: giraffe donkey
Views: 27365
Terrified Little girl going down the water slide with a terrified look on her face.
Tags: terrified
Views: 18222
Lawn Mower Lazy ass man pulling his lawn mower with an ATV.
Tags: lawn mower
Views: 17633
With And Without Flash See the difference between picture taken with Flash and the one taken without Flash.
Tags: with without flash
Views: 40420
Prozac Don't worry be happy with this giant 1,000,000 mg Prozac pill.
Tags: prozac
Views: 15375
What Is She Doing What is she doing with that microphone?
Tags: what she doing
Views: 15872
Fastest Autofocus Funny ad for digital camera with fast autofocus.
Tags: fastest autofocus
Views: 17686
Handful Funny picture of monkey with quite a handful of apples.
Tags: handful
Views: 13372
Mickey Riot Cop Those riot cops look like Mickey Mouse with those gas masks.
Tags: mickey riot cop
Views: 14375
PIN Number Paranoid husband hiding his wife with a jacket while she types in the PIN number in the ATM.
Tags: pin number
Views: 15768
Stare Two teenagers staring at hot babes on the stage with their mouths open.
Tags: stare
Views: 17835
Seatbelt Just because you're Santa doesn't mean you can drive without seatbelt on.
Tags: seatbelt cartoon
Views: 17421
Moore Goode Dick Picture of 3 football players standing together and forming an interesting phrase with their names on jerseys.
Tags: moore goode dick
Views: 25643
Pull The Plug Baby with an evil grin on her face pulling the plug from her daddy's computer.
Tags: pull plug
Views: 15471
Cat With Lime Helmet Funny picture of a cat with lime helmet.
Tags: cat with lime helmet
Views: 22672
Anal Exams Someone had a little fun with the Lexington middle school sign and changed it from final exams to anal exams.
Tags: anal exams
Views: 14712
Gangsta Sesame Street Sesame Street characters with guns and booze.
Tags: gangsta sesame street
Views: 51764
Santa Airplane Funny body paint with Santa splashed on the airplane nose.
Tags: santa airplane
Views: 24674
Tampon Prank When you fall a sleep with a wrong crowd, you get a tampon stuck in your mouth.
Tags: tampon prank
Views: 22455
Tree Cool tree that looks like a hand with a pointed finger.
Tags: tree
Views: 12158
Fortune Cookie Fortune cookie wisdom: go to bed with itchy bum, wake up with stinky finger.
Tags: fortune cookie
Views: 15083
Harry Potter Weird scene from Harry Potter movie shared with you thanks to the Internet.
Tags: harry potter
Views: 39865
Im With Stupid Classic "I'm with stupid" sign.
Tags: with stupid
Views: 13061
Laid By The Best Newspaper ad for a carpet specialist with funny title.
Tags: laid best
Views: 11451
Letter To Dr Ruth A letter to Dr. Ruth from a woman who's husband always wants to have sex with her, no matter what she's doing.
Tags: letter dr ruth
Views: 15421
Drink And Fly Witch on a broom stuck in the tree with the sign don't drink and fly at the bottom of the tree.
Tags: drink and fly
Views: 12383
Redneck Swimming Pool Fill the back of your pickup with water and enjoy your new redneck swimming pool.
Tags: redneck swimming pool
Views: 13792
Titanic Sank Again Van with Titanic written on it fell in to the sea.
Tags: titanic sank again
Views: 11910
One Glass Per Day My doctor said "Only 1 glass of alcohol per day". I can live with that.
Tags: one glass per day
Views: 18229
Satisfaction Guaranteed Satisfaction guaranteed with every erection written on the back of a truck.
Tags: satisfaction guaranteed
Views: 12048
Been Laid A geek sitting on the bench with in a way that the ad behind him says: Been Laid?
Tags: been laid
Views: 11280
Need Cash A man begging for money with a sign that says: need cash for alcohol research.
Tags: need cash alcohol
Views: 12432
Michael Jackson Matryoshka Doll Michael Jackson matryoshka doll, with every doll there's less and less pieces of his face, just like real life.
Tags: michael jackson matryoshka doll
Views: 11532
Baby Floor Polish Put your babies to good use with this invention.
Tags: baby floor polish
Views: 16495
Sick My Duck You'll never make it with the girls if you stay out of school.
Tags: sick my duck
Views: 15168
Snowman Massacre What's a snowman without blood?
Tags: snowman massacre
Views: 17716
Wat Be careful who you chat with on the Internet.
Tags: wat
Views: 20641
Car With AC For Sale Car with air conditioning for sale, cheap.
Tags: car with ac for sale
Views: 15659
Free T-Shirt Free t-shirt with a negative drug test. That will stop drug use.
Tags: free t-shirt
Views: 13475
7-Legged Spider A man who couldn't pay an overdue account decided to settle the debt with the drawing of a spider he made.
Tags: legged spider
Views: 17043
White Whale Split your lungs with blood and thunder when you see the white whale.
Tags: white whale
Views: 21334
Garbage Truck Garbage truck decorated with inflatable sex doll.
Tags: garbage truck
Views: 27740
Toilet Drunk Drunk man passed out with his head in the urinal.
Tags: toilet drunk
Views: 39075
Hockey Kiss Two hockey players sharing a tender moment with the crowd.
Tags: hockey kiss
Views: 30005
Rage Little girl filled with rage.
Tags: rage
Views: 15056
Restaurant Ad What about advertising your restaurant with this slogan: There's plenty of room for all God's creatures... Right next to the mashed potatoes.
Tags: restaurant ad
Views: 15152
Reese Witherspoon Reese Witherspoon and Reese Withoutaspoon.
Tags: reese witherspoon
Views: 16925
Soak Zone Be warned: soak zone within 20 feet of rhino rear.
Tags: soak zone
Views: 12722
Dog Found Dog found: male beagle, blue collar with no tags, very friendly, tasted like chicken.
Tags: dog found poster
Views: 16989
Not My Job Hey man, it's not my job to deal with this shit.
Tags: job
Views: 16791
Dangers Of Masturbation This is what happens when you play with yourself too much.
Tags: dangers masturbation
Views: 20399
Safer In Iraq I'm safer in Iraq, than with Michael Jackson.
Tags: safe iraq
Views: 17175
Knifes And Forks Or "things you eat with" and "things you cut with" as they call it here.
Tags: knifes forks
Views: 12246
Skype Skype conversation with an honest scammer.
Tags: skype
Views: 26119
Writers Block A cat with a writers block.
Tags: writers block cat
Views: 13658
Secret Girlfriend Worried mother found a magazine with naked men in his son's bedroom and she fears that he might have a secret girlfriend.
Tags: secret girlfriend
Views: 30552
Shitbegone Your shit will be gone in seconds with ShitBegone toilet paper.
Tags: shitbegone
Views: 18375
Man Blowing A Bubble Man blowing a bubble shown with smileys.
Tags: man blowing bubble
Views: 19458
Sleeping Zebra Be careful who you fall asleep drunk with.
Tags: sleeping zebra
Views: 18679
Snake Using A Computer It's hard to use Windows without two hands.
Tags: snake computer cartoon
Views: 12964
My Spot Cardboard box placed on a parking spot with a funny note saying: I spent 3 hours digging this spot out, if you use it I will spend 6 hours burrying your car back in it.
Tags: spot snow
Views: 16481
Matches In A Candle With this candle you'll never have to look for matches again.
Tags: inventions candle
Views: 8358
Basketball Beetle Old Beetle with round roof painted like a basketball.
Tags: basketball beetle
Views: 11147
Hubcap House Picture of a house completely covered with hubcaps.
Tags: hubcaps house
Views: 9241
Caffeine Machine Computer case combined with the coffee machine.
Tags: computers
Views: 11277
Thousands Of Balls The German Postbank covered an entire football field with yellow balls creating a new ball-world-record. Here you see Franz Beckenbauer and Oliver Bierhoff sitting on the field covered with balls.
Tags: balls record
Views: 10014
Yellow Line He could paint those lines with his eyes closed.
Tags: cars
Views: 10345
Ipod Tie Tie with a Ipod holder on the inner side.
Tags: tie ipod
Views: 8492
Happy Birthday Walrus Great picture of a walrus with his eyes covered getting a fish cake for his birthday.
Tags: happy birthday walrus
Views: 55847
Frozen Frozen road covered with snow and ice.
Tags: frozen
Views: 9993
Sunset Girl Beautiful picture of a girl standing in front of sunset with a little ray of light shining between her legs.
Tags: sunset girl
Views: 20703
Pen Drawings Amazing pen drawings by Juan Francisco Casas. First he takes a photo of random daily event, then he draws the image with a blue pen (always "Bic") and as you can see, the result is fantastic.
Tags: pen drawings gallery
Views: 64711
Smashing Light Bulb Picture of a hammer smashing a light bulb taken with perfect timing.
Tags: light bulb hammer
Views: 11828
Master Of Fire Great photo taken with long exposure camera.
Tags: master fire
Views: 15291
Human Shadow Blocks Human shadow created with blocks on the wall and good light placement.
Tags: human shadow blocks
Views: 104514
Laser Engraved Laptops Cool laptops with laser engraved decorations or logos.
Tags: laser engraved laptops gallery
Views: 244421
Cat And Ladybug Cool picture of white cat playing with ladybug.
Tags: cat ladybug
Views: 12333
Lightning And Rainbow Picture of lightnings flashing with rainbow in the background.
Tags: lightning rainbow
Views: 8954
Giraffe Licks A Squirrel Picture of a giraffe licking a squirrel with it's giant tongue.
Tags: giraffe licks squirel
Views: 14098
Baby Holding Fathers Finger Cute picture of a baby holding it's fathers finger with a tiny hand.
Tags: baby holding fathers finger
Views: 13447
Starfish Floor Underwater picture of sea floor covered with starfish.
Tags: starfish floor
Views: 10226
Playing With Lions Pic of one brave man playing with his life.
Tags: playing with lions
Views: 11877
Half Life Room Half Life fan equipped his room with a crowbar and medicine cabinet.
Tags: half life room
Views: 17562
Lego Musicians Really cool pictures of famous bands and musicians made with LEGO bricks.
Tags: lego musicians gallery
Views: 18181
LEGO Stadium Replica of Allianz Arena, Bayern Munich stadium, made with LEGO bricks.
Tags: lego stadium gallery
Views: 16924
Pirates Before And After CGI Check out the difference with or without CGI.
Tags: pirates before and after cgi
Views: 16763
Photo Illusion Cool photo illusion made with little help of Photoshop.
Tags: photo illusion
Views: 28180
Frozen Beer Broken beer bottle with frozen beer bursting out of it.
Tags: frozen beer
Views: 21113
Walking On Water Guy in a wetsuit with flippers running on water.
Tags: walking water
Views: 31665
Gaping Hole Costume With some skill with technology, you could make a perfect gaping hole Halloween costume.
Tags: gaping hole costume
Views: 29034
Skydiving Without A Parachute Extreme sports don't get more extreme than this one, if you're in the need for adrenalin rush try skydiving without a parachute on.
Tags: skydiving parachute gallery
Views: 32540
Frozen Truck Picture of a truck covered with ice.
Tags: frozen truck ice
Views: 12886
Dart In Head Picture of a boy with a dart stuck in his head.
Tags: dart head
Views: 27206
Breaking The Light Barrier Stuntman jumping with his motorcycle through neon light barrier.
Tags: breaking light barrier
Views: 18062
Nice Catch Pic showing a person catching vine with mouth from some height.
Tags: nice catch
Views: 26325
Dangerous Landing People having to duck their heads to avoid colision with a small aircraft landing on a dangerous landing strip.
Tags: dangerous landing
Views: 26748
Poor Donkey This poor donkey was in a middle of some fiesta and got decorated with some colors and bows.
Tags: donkey
Views: 14927
Cardboard Tank With a little help of cardboard this vehicle got turned into a tank.
Tags: cardboard tank
Views: 13476
Pink Dog Picture of a dog with pink hair color.
Tags: pink dog
Views: 13183
Ice Beard Picture of a man who's beard is covered with ice.
Tags: ice beard
Views: 13401
Pee Shower African boy washing his hair with animal urine, 100% natural shower.
Tags: pee shower
Views: 18555
Nailing For Dummies With this invention you will be hammering nails like a pro.
Tags: nailing dummies
Views: 15547
Third World River River filled with garbage in undeveloped country.
Tags: third world river
Views: 18457
Car Covered With Lipstick This car was completely covered with red lipstick. The only question is why?!
Tags: car covered with lipstick
Views: 20132
Long Neck Picture of a man with unusually long neck.
Tags: long neck
Views: 29022
Piercing Freak Me thinks this guy overdid it with piercings and tattoos on his face.
Tags: piercing freak
Views: 64209
Longest Tongue German schoolgirl Annika Irmler has the longest tongue in the world. With the length of 7cm (2.75 inch) she got into the Guinness Book of Records.
Tags: longest tongue
Views: 37997